Corner Shelf Ideas

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A corner shelf (or shelves, if you have the room) can be a great way to create extra space. If you live in a small apartment, or have that hard to reach area that you just don’t know what to do with, finding space for storage and adding your personal touch can be difficult. With any area or wall, utilizing the space that you do have is a necessity but can sometimes be hard to accomplish. A simple solution – corner shelves.

Certain corner shelf designs allow you to create storage while adding a touch of your personality to the room. Corner shelves are easy to install and can be used throughout your home to store all those little knickknacks that you love while opening up your living area. With some basic tools and some imagination, you can utilize all your unused corner wall areas of your home.

Just remember that, if you are installing a wall mounted corner shelf, always pay attention to the weight limit associated with each type of shelf so you do not overload or damage the shelf or your wall. There are many types of corner shelves: floating shelves, corner bookshelves, glass shelves, and L-shaped shelves, just to name a few. Plus, you can fit your corner or wall shelf idea in a number of rooms, including your living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.

Corner Shelf Decorating Ideas

Corner Shelf Ideas for Bedroom

Corner Shelf Ideas for Living Room

Corner Shelf Ideas for Kitchen

Corner Shelf Ideas for Bathroom

Black Living Room Shelf Design


Coerner Night Shelf


Hallway Shelf Idea


Corner Desk Shelf


Study Shelf Idea


Corner Bookshelf

Black Wall Mounted Corner Shelves

Modern Corner Inlay Shelf

Unique Curved Ladder Bookcase Shelf

Minimalist Floating Corner Wall Shelf

Rich Dark Wall Mount Shelf

Zig-Zag Goodness 5-Tier Wall Mount Shelf


DIY Zig-zag Corner Shelf

Stacked Corner Shelves

DIY Metal Pipe Corner Shelf

DIY Floating Corner Shelves

Antique Corner Shelf


Loft Shelf Space Idea


Kitchen Nook Shelf


Kitchen Shelf Idea


Rustic Corner Book Shelf


Geometric Corner Bookshelf

Simple Metal Corner Shelf

White Corner Wall Bookshelf

DIY Floating Rustic Shelf

White Floating IKEA Corner Shelf

DIY Wooden Corner Shelf

DIY Corner Shelves from Used Box

DIY Corner Shelves from Crates

Small Corner Shelves Ideas


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