Deck Railing Ideas

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If you’re looking for a railing for your deck or porch, you might feel as if you need resort to hiring a contractor to build one. But many of customers have done just the opposite, building a sturdy railing all by themselves. Our stair railing kits and other railing solutions make it possible for just about anyone to install their own railing using just a few basic tools.

Our customers are often grateful for our railing solutions are to install. They also appreciate the versatility and durability of the components. To show you can build your own deck railing, here are 19 customers examples to help inspire your own build:

And 7 More Tonemapped

Atlantis Rail cable railing

Bullock – Reveal Rail


Chantilly deck – Closeup and Rail

Chippendale Railings

The Zhush

Classic Deck Railing

Lauren Miller

Cocktail Rail Ideas



Deck Railing Seats

Deck Railing With Curved Spindles

Diagonal Cross Balustrade


Interlocking Patterns

Kushkabar – Cocktail rail – Furniture Aerial

Leesburg – Aerial

Leesburg Lower Level

Leesburg Staircase – Down

Metal Deck Railing Design Options

Metal Deck Railing

Modern Deck Railing

Monmouth – Overall Sunset Lighting – Spiral Stairs – Darkened

New Hampshire – Curve Furniture

New Hampshire – Furniture

Pole Railing

Pritchett Curve Rail

Privacy Screen Deck Railing

Pugh Aerial Curve

Rocky River – Checker Glass Furniture

Rustic Deck Railing


stainless steel cable

Sunburst Design

Tidmore – Reveal Bronze Detail


Twin Lakes – Furn Round Alum

Wood Deck Railing Design Options


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