27 Creative DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Cozy Home

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

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Caffeine induces for some people is a must. Hanging out in cafes may be a trending lifestyle. But for true coffee lovers that love their coffee, having a coffee bar ideas are another great experience to enjoy. Imagine, you can enjoy your own coffee, just the way you like it. Everything, in the comfort of your own home.

There is something friendly and welcoming when you go to someone’s house and a conversation starts warmly with a cup of coffee in hand. The home coffee bar is a must-have item for not only coffee addict buys anyone who loves a great drink. A mixture of tea and coffee or even a little bit of alcohol in a home bar cater to everyone.

In need of coffee bar ideas? Do you find designing your very own coffee bar a challenge? Check out these special design that may suit your house landscape, personality, taste, and preference.

Counter Coffee Bar Ideas

source: pinterest

For variety purposed. You do not really need a spacious is to have a coffee bar. Even, a small area with a table and hanging mug storage will do. Nothing overwhelming and complicated can be a good thing. You can simply focus on having all the great coffee in the world and you are all set.

You got your coffee machine, hot water kettle, a cute mug and various complementary such as cream, sugar, and milk. If you think the layout is too dull. Here is an idea, have a unique large CAFE or COFFEE BAR writing and put it on the wall. The huge decoration emphasizes your very own coffee bar in a relaxing atmosphere with all the essentials.

Hanging Board Ideas

source: donnaviningblog.com

When you can think of two things in the morning, have them as a quote on your wall. If one of them is coffee then you can have a wall decor right above the coffee countertop. A DIY mug holder board with your favorite quotes is a very personal decor idea.

Personally u can use a dark brown oak coffee mug board to pair with the wooden countertop. Furthermore, you can add flairs with a pot of lavender to brighten the all white and wooden coffee bar.

Hanging Mug Board Ideas

source: thevintagewren.com

When you are thinking of a bar, immediately a countertop with all drinks hidden underneath come to mind. Usually, for a home coffee bar, people hang their utensils on a wooden pallet. For variation, use this metal pallet that implements rustic farmyard look into the coffee bar ideas. The unique top shelf can hold all your mugs as well as other cutlery.

Built-In Home Coffee Bar Ideas

source pinterest.com

For that homeowner with spacious are and budget, a small coffee bar with shelves and counter is a simple idea that suits the homeowner style. White wooden counter with below cabinet match to the entire kitchen setting. As a result, both the bar and the kitchen seems like a whole.

A stand out black chalkboard backsplash bring contrast to the plain interior design, The two downlight lamps act both as a decorative fixer as well as a lighting feature.

Wall Decor Ideas

source lovelyving.com

The corner coffee bar takes some off the wall ideas by having various decoration to fill in the backsplash area. By using the rustic interior design of metal and wooden writing board it makes a stand out point of the bar. The worn out coffee counter cabinets display simple and vintage style.

Corner Coffee Bar Ideas

source cglegend.com

Even a corner bar can look sophisticated and modern. The cabinet follows the house design very well, especially the below wooden slab that fit the entire house. The leveled wooden shelf also follow the house corner structure, making it as a united part of the whole design.

This is a clever idea to make use of a space and create a matching coffee bar area the fit the house interior concept.

Racks And Hooks

source lovelyving.com

A small kitchen can have a standout coffee bar by having everything vertically. Piled up some racks with hooks in one line downward and create practical storage as well as a unique decorative item. The large monograms that say C-O-F-F-E-E also become a visual focus.

Coffee Bar With Kitchen

source pinterest.com

A kitchen can have a coffee bar to cater to the homeowner needs and it also works both ways. A coffee bar can also become a small kitchen if you do not need a lot of stuff. Have all the kitchenware tuck under the enclosed cabinet or up above the shelf. It is a great way to life minimalist and focuses only on the essentials.

Coffee And Tea Concept

source reddit.com

A plain white table suitable for any decoration or interior design. You can have not only your coffee bar items but also add variant and have a great selection of tea bag and teapot too. Everything can be visible in the basket or hidden in the cabinet.

Floating Shelves Lines

source bowerpowerblogcom

A sturdy thick wooden floating shelves are a different idea from the common thin lines. It gives more support and can highlight the coffee bar with appealing mugs and decorations.

Modern Wooden Cofee Bar

source decoholic.org

Light counter with built-in drawer contrast the dark chalkboard backsplash. The gradient of dark palette gradually turn to light brownish makes this coffee corner beautifully balanced.

Natural Home Coffee Bar

source 1001pallets.com

Take all the natural earthy element of wood, plants, and rattan and have a simple area of the house as a coffee bar. The rustic frames and then the worn out items support the rustic meet nature interior design.

Decorative Coffee Bar Ideas

Source Unknown

Take a common table and have various chalk over a blackboard for decoration. You can be playful and creative to scribble various writing style and takes inspiration for a real cafe.

Mini Coffee Bar

You may be familiar with the term mini bar, so there is no surprise if there is also a mini coffee bar. The ideas are to have a small table with the necessary hanger to holds all the mugs, coffee, and practical coffee machine.

Coffee Bar Racks

Use up all the wall that you have and put everything tall. The vertical mug holder, line shelves and the slim cabinet is a comfy way to use a small area that holds up all your coffee needs.

Coffee Bar Ides For Apartment

Living small is the current trend of apartment’s life. It does not mean you can not have the this that you love. It just needs a little twist of the smaller version to fit the apartment layout. A wall coffee bar is a classic and perfect way to enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your apartment.

Farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas

A big family means bigger coffee bar. Even, the kids can have their mugs and hot chocolate and milk in the coffee bar too. So, a farmhouse style with basket storage, indoor plants, hanging mug bar makes this rustic coffee station more alive.

A Corner Coffee Bar

When you think there is no space left in the house to use. Take one more good look and see if the corner side is large enough to have a built-in corner side coffee bar. It does not even need to be spacious. You can go up and use all the corner side with cabinet, racks and hooks.

Industrial Home Coffee Bar

source livesimply.me

Bring out the industrial element of pipes and wires into one of a kind coffee bar stations. The black pipes combine with wooden slab makes a sturdy bar station. The rattan boxes in line with the unfinished coffee bar design.

Coffee Bar Art Ideas

source bakedbree.com

​No need to buy a special coffee bar countertop you can reuse old bookshelf and give it a second life. If you feel a little artistry have an abundance of color and play around with paint. Add unique family picture’s frame and all the right decors and the bar is far from boring.

Decorative Wall

source www.ehow.com

Although white palette makes a house clean and neat, it can be pretty boring. You can have a colorful mug instead of the traditional plain all-white mug. A great way to add flair to your own coffee bar is to have wall stickers with nice or inspiring words. ​

Coffee Bar Area Ideas

by natalienoack

If you need coffee to brighten up your day, maybe you need a colorful color to cheer you up too. All the bright tone both in the bar furniture or the cutlery makes a sunshine bright coffee corner to start your day right.

Portable Coffee Bar

source abeautifulmess.com

A cart of the coffee station is a simple way to have all your favorite drinks to go. The bar on the wheel makes entertaining guest more practical. No need to move to another room to have your coffee, the moving bar will come to you.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

source jenwoodhouse.com

A box of hanging mug with wooden frame and copper wire keeps all your precious mugs in a special place. It makes great storage the function as decorative items as well.

Coffee Bar Chalkboard Ideas

Coffee often equals good mood. Whatever the seasons, weathers or your feelings of the day, a cup of coffee can make you stay positives. The black chalkboard can be a scribble place or notes for the people in the house.

Convenient Cabinet for A Coffee Bar

source: pinterest

Brew your own coffee from your own little coffee bar. This is a great idea for a party or to entertain friends who’re coming over. It’s not just a cabinet, but it has unique character.

The frame is painted in white and it has two slots for storing convenient. This small bar is made of nice wood pallets. As an addition, you’ve got extra stacks on the side where you can put extra sugar or milk!

Pro tips: If you’re planning to take the party outside, install some wheels so you can move it around.

Antique Coffee Station Made of Wood

source: trinityarc.com

We tell you what’s hot!

Antique or rustic furniture is through the roof right now!

For example, this rustic cabinet has that unfinished look and it only makes it looks more stunning.

The chalkboard decoration with interesting quote elevates the atmosphere greatly too. The open shelf can be used to store the cups, while the two-door second shelf is used to store all the beans. This coffee bar is best suited for outdoor setting.

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