37+ Garage Workbench Ideas That Inspire You to Get This Weekend

Garage Workbench Ideas

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Thinking of building your own workbench but aren’t quite sure where to start? Then, you’re in right place.

In this post, we’ve compiled 37 DIY workbench ideas that you can use in your work area, in your garage, or in your home office.

Each of these ideas use Kee Klamp fittings and pipe for the workbench frame and are then combined with a custom table top. Unlike traditional thread-on pipe fittings, Kee Klamp fittings slide over pipe and secure down using a set screw. This makes them much easier to use and provides opportunity for adjustability.

With Kee Klamp, you can build a workbench frame specific to your exact dimensions without the need for any cutting. Then, you can simply use your table top of choice to complete the workbench. We also have a table frame few kits that you can use to make the process even simpler.

So with that said, let’s take a look at a few ideas to inspire your next build:

All-Purpose Workbench with Tie Connectors Tutorial

The Ultimate Mobile Workbench DIY Tutorial

$100 DIY Mobile Workbench Tutorial

Simple but Cute DIY Workbench with Vice Plans

Simple DIY Workbench Tutorial


Built to Last




DIY Folding Workbench 

Drop – Down Workbench

Consider an Upcycle/Recycle

An Area for a Built In

Ultimate Rollaway Workbench System

Ultimate Garage Workbench Plan

Easy Build Workbench Plan

Easy Workbench Plan

Sturdy Workbench

Fold-Down Workbench

The Simple Sturdy Garage Workbench

Stand Alone Simple Workbench

The Rolling Tool Cabinet Workbench

The 4×8 Workbench

Timber Workbench



Wall Mounted Workbench

Reloading Station Workbench

Wood Top Garage Workbench

Rolling Metal Workbench


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