21 Best Kids Room Design Ideas You've Got to See!

Kids Room Ideas

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Designing the right children’s playroom can be a tricky affair at times. There are several different ingredients that you need to get right to create the perfect playroom. Obviously, every parent wishes to create that magical setting that they can proudly call the world’s best playroom.

Yet, in reality, creating the perfect kids’ playroom is not just about the ‘wow factor’ alone. Safety goes hand-in-hand and creating the right blend between activity spaces and plush seating is a challenge in itself.

From a design standpoint, playrooms are incredibly fun projects. Your children will spend hours in there — playing, learning, and everything in between — so you have the freedom to cater to their tastes more than you would in other parts of your home. All of you can let your imaginations run wild when it comes to creating a look your kids will love.

But, that’s only half the battle. Underneath the aesthetics, this room also needs to be functional. A well-done playroom should be able to hold their attention and all their toys, while still seeming put together. Achieving all of these things in one space is not easy.

We’ve compiled a list of playroom ideas to help you create a room that is fun to look at while also serving its larger purpose. If you can draw inspiration from the tips in this post and then give them your own spin, we’re confident you’ll be able to create a space your whole family will love.

A Space to Play

playroom attic design

After a two week remodel, what was a dark, contractor-grade finished attic is now a shiny, happy spot for playing games, experimenting with crafts and hosting sleepovers. To give the small space a large, open feel, designer Brian Patrick Flynn mixed sea foam blue with a grassy shade of green, then combined traditional and modern design styles for something unique and up-to-date.

Function Meets Fun

playroom design principles
In its original state, the inset areas around the dormers were a waste of space. To give these areas a true purpose, they were transformed into two separate homework nooks complete with custom floating desks. The space in between was then made into a fun and imaginative felt activity wall.

Window to the World

Tucked into a narrow niche, this charming window seat was built deep to accommodate two kids or several stuffed friends. The white base and gray cushion are ideal foils for the bright mix of pillows, toys and the cheery yellow shade.

Upcycle for Fun

Home improvement bloggers Sherry and John Petersik filled their daughter’s play space with upcycled items and clean, simple colors. The chairs are from a thrift store, and John cut down the base of a Target side table to make it just the right height for Clara to sit and play.

Cohesive Family Room Design

playroom design tips
One corner of this midcentury modern family room was made for entertaining little ones. To appeal to imaginative minds, North Fork Design Co. created a vibrant space that seamlessly incorporates just the right amount of color, pattern and natural texture.

Play to Their Interests

playroom design ideas pictures
With a dad that plays professional baseball, it’s no wonder the kids love it too. Large baseball-themed marquee letters and a plush baseball diamond rug stylishly tie together the sports theme in this fun, rustic playroom.

Office Space

playroom designs ideas
No need for a babysitter! If you work from home, adding a play space to your home office is a great way to get work done and keep an eye on baby. In this office + playroom combo, an area rug provides a soft place to play while a tall white storage cabinet keeps toys, art supplies and work documents neatly organized.

Scrabble, Anyone?

playroom designs for small rooms
Transform a wall in the playroom into a giant game of scrabble for the kids to learn their vocabulary words. Another clever idea? Attach a dowel to the wall with a roll of white craft paper for drawing and coloring. That’s what we call easy clean-up.

Bright + Modern

playroom design ideas pinterest
Create a comfy place for the kids to crash with a row of plush floor cushions, multiple throw pillows and a teepee for reading their favorite books. Keep it playful with a pair of rope swings hanging from the ceiling.

Creative Activity Rug

playroom design inspiration
Instead of spending money on a rug for the playroom, make a budget-friendly one using a drop cloth and felt. The fact that it serves double duty as a play mat is a huge bonus in our books.

Create Distinct Activity Areas

playroom designers nyc

Kids are notorious for jumping from one activity to the next with lightning speed and all parents know how tough it can be to hear the words, “I’m bored” floating down the hall. Fortunately, a playroom that’s set up correctly can help cut down on these occurrences by subtly suggesting ways for your youngsters to spend their time.

To do this, you’ll need to create a few different activity areas within the room. Simply put, that means putting together spaces that are each geared toward a specific purpose, like the reading nook shown in the picture above. You could also consider adding a table for arts and crafts or a media center with a TV that’s perfect for watching videos.

When creating these areas, be sure to keep all the items they’ll need for the activity within arm’s reach. Not only will doing so help you keep things more organized, but it will also encourage the little ones to stay focused on the task at hand.

Add Plenty of Storage

design a playroom
source: freshome.com

If there’s one universal truth, it’s that kids come with lots of stuff. The best playrooms are those with plenty of storage available to keep all of it out of the way while making it seem part of the design.

Your first step is to consider what kind of storage will work best for your family. Do you need lots of bookshelves for an avid reader, a tricked-out entertainment center for a video game aficionado, or cubbies to hold a menagerie of stuffed animals? You’ll likely need to use a combination of pieces to accommodate all of your child’s interests.

When you’re ready to buy the storage elements, focus on pieces that have potential to serve multiple functions and try to keep their colors as neutral as possible. Storage will probably be one of the priciest parts of your design, so try to select items that have the ability to grow with your children.

Bring in Color With Accessories

playroom design on a budget

No playroom should ever be bland, but there’s nothing worse than the idea of redesigning one from top to bottom only to have your child tell you that their tastes have completely changed. Save yourself the headache — and the cash — by bringing lots of color into the room through the accessories you choose. That way, you can swap them out fairly easily as your child matures.

In this case, the definition of “accessories” is pretty broad. Consider mixing and matching different colors and patterns through textiles. Throw rugs, pillow covers and blankets are great places to start. However, larger items like wall art and lamps could also play a role.

Try Out Creative Playroom Ideas On The Walls


The walls are really what can set the playroom apart from other areas in the house. Since kids’ spaces are expected to be a bit more fun and carefree than ones adults would use, you can really get creative with their design. If you have a specific theme in mind for the room, consider the walls your focal point.

We recommend starting with a base layer of neutral paint and using wall decals to add visual interest. Since the decals are held to the wall without an adhesive, they’ll be simple to swap out or take off entirely once your child’s tastes change. However, if decals aren’t for you, consider using a wallpaper or even painting a mural to liven up the space.

Maximize Storage and Shelf Space

playroom design for toddlers

Storage space is an important aspect of the kids’ playroom. If you are not careful about providing ample space to tuck away all that mess and those mountains of toys when your little ones are done with them, then you are in big trouble. Always add a lovely shelf to the playroom with plenty of space.

Modern bookshelves are great in this regard. Fill them with colorful containers or even cool woven wicker baskets that are both elegant and efficient. Custom-designed benches with hidden storage compartments and sleek storage ladders tucked away in the corner also seem appropriate for the playroom.

Creative Themes and Vibrant Colors

playroom design company

The playroom is a lot more than just a place where kids spend a few hours in the day while you are busy with your chores. It is a space that allows them to tap into their energy, creativity and imagination.

If you ever do spend some time with them in the playroom, you will quickly realize why this little nook is so essential for their complete development. The playroom is one place in urban homes where kids are allowed to be themselves without any hindrances! Make sure that this space is as creative and beautiful as possible.

Combinations of Spaces and Zones

playroom design ideas

Planning for the playroom should ideally start with its placement. This aspect is far more essential if your kids are very young. One of the wonderful ideas on here is a home gym that allows you to keep an eye on your little ones as they have fun in the playroom. Open playroom designs and floor plans are becoming far more popular as they are both safe and easy to incorporate. One can use multicolored rugs, carpet tiles and a special ceiling to demarcate the space and make it feel far more special than the reminder of the house.

Toy Corner

Designer Claire Paquin created a space in the basement of her client’s home that could function for young children, as well as adults. For the play area, carpet tiles create visual interest and warmth for kids to play on the floor while a tall bookcase cubby provides ample storage for toys and games.

Growing Design

playroom design pictures
Designed with growth in mind, this Moroccan-inspired multipurpose space facilitates play, study, storage and the occasional sleepover. The custom U-shaped storage bench is a comfy spot for crafts or can be pulled out into a daybed for sleeping or lounging.

Playhouse Under the Stairs

playroom design
No space is wasted in this refinished basement. The empty area under the staircase was transformed into a dream kids’ clubhouse. To mimic the look of a real cabin, laminate flooring was installed on the exterior and bright orange shutters and a mini door added for a fun pop of color.

Integrated Design

playroom designers uk
What looks like a large living area is actually a playroom for the kids — but, obviously, one the parents can enjoy as well. Multiple colors create an area that feels inspirational and creative, perfect for drawing, playing games or doing puzzles together. A lengthy sectional sofa provides ample space for a family to curl up in front of a favorite movie while a long TV cabin stylishly hides toys.

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