41+ Beautiful Kitchen Islands Ideas That Can Transform Your Home

Kitchen Island Ideas

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A quick confession: we love all our kitchen cabinets, but if we had to pick a favorite spot in the heart of the home, it’s all about the island. There’s just no denying that this free-floating prep-and-storage superhero is the centerpoint of any functional family kitchen—quite literally, since it’s smack-in-the-middle of the action. (And that goes double for when you’re hosting houseguests—ever notice that cocktail parties always seem to gravitate toward the island, no matter what?)

Islands might be a relatively new fixture in the scheme of kitchen design, but they’ve (rightly) earned their place in the pantheon. And while the islands of the past may have been carbon-copies of the cabinets on the perimeter of the space, this new class of islands isn’t shy about standing out. From contrasting countertops to bold and colorful cabinets to styles that look more like a treasured piece of heirloom furniture than something you’d find in the millwork aisle of your local hardware store, we’re head-over-heels for these chic, show-offy island styles.

Click through to see our favorite showstopping islands (and pick up a few tips for your next home remodel, too).

The Epicenter

Basket Case

A Traditional Touch

Tuck It Away

Modern Beauty

Hot Wheels

From Farm To Table

Small But Mighty

Simple Metal Shelving

Antique Kitchen Island

Tone-on-Tone Countertops

Refrigerated Island

Country Charm

Drawers, Drawers, Drawers!

Small on Size









Think About Use Case

Revamp Old Pieces

Use a Tall Bistro Table

Overlap It With a Table

Contrast Colors

Turn It Into a Partial Room Divider

Create More Prep and Storage Space

Mighty and Small Built-in Kitchen Island

Narrow Free-Standing Small Kitchen Island

This Kitchen Island Doubles as a Home Bar

Small Stainless Steel Chef’s Table

Two Tier Small Kitchen Island

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Small Kitchen Island

Turn an Old Dresser into a Small Kitchen Island

Try a Trend

Mix It Up

Go For Luxe

Try High Contrast

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