35 Best Walk in Closet Ideas and Picture Your Master Bedroom

Walk in Closet Ideas

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A word that always lures people to check a house or condo is “walk-in closet.” It’s cute and inspires one to think of a comfortable bed room with an additional special closet. Not just a closet, but a walk-in one, where you can walk into it and find your collection of clothing. In short, it’s a cool bordering to luxurious stuff often seen in condos or large residences.

From the recent popularity, now you often see oversize reach-in closets converted into chic walk-in closets. Though often smaller than regular walk-in closets, these type are walk-in closet after all. With all their benefits, coolness, and of course they raise the property values. Now if you happened to have one of these smaller walk-in closet, and having problem with their limited spaces, you probably need a custom closet design.

Here we offer 35 walk-in closet ideas. We picked them with your needs in our mind, that you want a walk-in closet which truly optimize the available space. Just be sure, after you find the one which suitable to your need, you need to consult it with an interior designer so your closet will meet your needs and tastes.

Incorporate wallpaper

source: housemethod.com

Do a little trick to make your walk-in closet stand out, fix a fancy and expensive wallpaper on the walls. You’d love it and it won’t hurt your pocket either, since you’ll need only need to cover the walk-in closet alone (which is smaller than your bed room).  You’ll see the chic differences, you’ll also can feel the luxury air shines from your walk-in now.

Maximize storage

source: housemethod.com

Be neat and organized when it comes to arranging your walk-in closet. For example, if you have most used items, put the stuff on your eyes level. This way you won’t find any difficulty in finding them. Meanwhile, put the less-used items in the cabinets. For a woman’s walk-in, a long hanging space is a must. The Double hanging spaces suits well for shirts over pants.

Include a Mirror

source: housemethod.com

You’ll need mirror in your walk-in closet. It will be very practical and efficient when you want to groom yourself. You have a standalone mirror or the one attached on one of your closet’s door. If you have limited space, try the latter option. It won’t eat your space and you even have a cute focal point, the mirror.

Opt for A Center Island

source: housemethod.com

If you have no problem with space, a center island is worth to try. This island provides additional storage for your items with counter space and drawers. You even can add a seating place which will come in handy during your fitting or in choosing your outfit.

Install a Washer and Dryer

source: housemethod.com

Now if you want to make a really comfortable walk-in closet, you need to equip it with in-closet washer and dryer. These will be your ultimate accessories in your walk-in. From now on you won’t have to carry your laundry to or from. If your walk-in space won’t permit the washer and dryer, try to have a laundry chute instead. It also save your time in dealing with the laundry stuff.

Enhance the Positive Energy Flow

source: housemethod.com

If you’re a fans of Marie Kondo art of neat room arrangements, try some of her tips on a walk in closet. Declutter the floor from any of your stuff to clear of the flor from any objects, making it your free-moving zone. To increase the storage capacity, try to fix hooks on the walls, or the closet’s doors.

Hang Curtains for a Minimalist Look

source: housemethod.com

The messy type will love this trick. Use monochromatic curtains. Hang the curtain, this will cover your clothing and other stuff. The curtain makes your closet looks gorgeous. It also covers your messiness (if you’re that type) behind, so overall will always look neat up front.

Organize Storage By Type

source: viewalongtheway.com

No matter how small your walk-in closet is, you can always make it super stylish. Take, for example, Kelly’s walk-in closet. She’s the brain behind blog View Along the Way. Her walk-in is a perfect example of small super optimized and heavily feminine walk-in closet.

She separated her closet into halves. In this picture, the right half has nooks, two of them, for handbags and jewelry. Meanwhile, the left side’s full of shelves, cubbies, and cabinet for shoes and sweaters. To add the feminine touch, a delightful crystal pendant light hung overhead, overlooking the peony wallpaper (also feminine).

Shelving Units Add Function to a Small Closet

source: instagram.com/mk_maison

Want to have a walk-in closet easier? Try this trick by MK Maison, a Finnish influencer. She built her walk-in closet out of IKEA’s KALLAX collection. To hold the folded clothing, she uses large shelving (see the left side). A box inserted underneath for hidden storage. Another KALLAX series sits on a corner for accessories display. She put two closet rod on the right side. Full-length mirror serves as accent.

Wood Panel Ceilings

source: lovecreatecelebrate.com

Lindi of Love Create Celebrate works well for her charming walk-in closet. She uses barns style for the weathered ceiling (by by Stikwood). The white shelving storages (from IKEA) combines well with the porcelain tiles. She uses LED for the cabinet lighting. Up under the ceiling is the main lighting unit with cute shade.

Cedar Helps Deal

source: theshabbycreekcottage.com

Shabby chic’s still going strong and garners lots of fans. This walk-in closet of Melissa (Shabby Chic Cottage) shows the special beauty of a shabby chic style. Cheddar liners from Cedar Safe Closet Liners dominate the wall. Being real cheddar, then cockroach, mildew, or moth will hate it. She also put 2 shelving unit (stacked) and hanging space. The bath mat is a nice finishing.

Create Custom Storage for Cheap

source: garrisonstreetdesignstudio.com

Another affordable walk-in closet is from Lisa of Garrison Street Design Studio. For her walk-in closet, she uses IKEA’s PAX closet system series. This cute walk-in closet only cost her less than $1,000, while a custom-built walk-in will cost her around $5,000 to $10,000. She’s especially proud with her drawers (left), where she keeps her sunglasses collection.

Mirrors Help Make Small Spaces Bigger

source: thehappyhousie.porch.com

Need another affordable but delightful walk-in closet idea? You may need to consult Krista at The Happy Housie. Her walk-in closet is a superb example. For all the charming results, she used IKEA’s PAX Closet System for the shelving and storage system. As for the wall, she used an affordable wallpaper. And now she has plenty of storage capacity plus the feminine and cute style.

If you’re curious about the wallpaper, it’s from Walls Need Love. The pattern itself has a name, it’s Palms in White. You can have it for $24 per roll. What’s great is that the wallpaper is reusable, you can stick and restick the wallpaper on the wall up to almost 100 times. The rug? Joss and Main provides it.

Minimalist Walk-in Closet

source: stylizimoblog.com

Need a fresh and neat walk-in closet? Try the walk-in closet idea by Nina, the brain behind interior design site Stylizimo. She made over her walk-in closet after picking her most essential stuff, and get ride the redundancy. The result is a roomy, neat and terribly organized walk-in closet.

The walk-in closet has simple layout. On the back, you have a single hanging rood and 3 shelves. On the right, you have a white dresser. This will be your seasonal items and folded clothing. Move to the right you’ll see steel rails of from IKEA’s GRUNDTAL kitchen series as a hanging rails for your high heels.

Vertical Space Helps Store More

source: dianaelizabethblog.com

If you want to get the most of a small walk-in closet, Diana of Diane Elizabeth Blog can help you. All the old stuff emptied out, she began her project by putting additional shelves right on top of the previous built-in shelves. Later, she add the personal touch with removable wallpaper and cute flush mount ceiling light. She also changes the wooden closet rods with the chrome one.

All those simple steps have increased the overall feel and look of the walk-in closet considerably. It’s small, but not it looks larger and fresher. The white hangers (previously black velvet) added the light and airy feeling. She also add labels to organize her garment collections on the hangers.  And cute finishing, she moves the shoe racks on the closet door (see right).


Not A Walk-In, Walk-In

source; eringatesdesign.com

Add your kid’s bedroom with an organized closet. This design by Erin Gates Design shows you how to convert a regular shallow closet to feel like a walk-in closet. All you need is a floor plan with smart closet organization layout. This unit enable you to have compartmentalized storage system for your kids various items.

The shelves are very handy for the shoes’ storage. Then there’s a short hanging rods for jackets and hangers with a chic hamper underneath. Seasonal items are stored in the wicker baskets on top of the shelves. The bow racks keeps the cute ribbons organized.

Choose The Shape of Walk In Closet

source: hgtv.com

Depends on your choices, you’ll have at least three basic walk-in closet design, the common U shaped walk-in closet, the L shapes, and the I-shaped or straight one.

Different in shapes, they are all suitable for your stuff like dresses, clothes, shoes, or other stuff you’d like to store nicely in them.

Though so, you need to bear in mind that you need to consider your space when you want to have a U-shaped walk-in. This type needs 3 walls, means that you need to have ample closet room to build it.

The L-shape walk-in, on the other hand, needs 2 walls. You have limited spaces, try the straight walk-in closet.  This enable you to custom the closet according to your need.  You even can divide it into two parts for you and your spouse.

Choose The Desired Closet Style

source: putnambuilders.com

Now if you desire to have a new walk-in closet, you’ll find many styles of them. Find the one which suit well with your needs and your favorite style.

If you like to keep your closet up-to-date, the contemporary design will be your best option. This design also fits for minimalist fans who love clean lines and neat designs. The often open design also enable you to see your collections clearly.

Consider Peninsulas and Islands

source: valetcustom.com

A complete walk-in closet has an island. Apart of its additional storage system with its drawers, you also have additional assist space during grooming or fitting an attire. You also fix a seating area around or next to your island for your comfort.

Put a Dressing Bench

source: homesfeed.com

Often lost in thought during in finding your right clothing for the day? Then you’ll need a bench, just like this illustration. You sit on it for a while, and then you have your right choice. This bench also helps in time when you need to sit to fix your shoelaces.

White Luxury Walk In Closet Ideas

source: delbescafe.com

White all over and gold trim, and you have this contemporary luxurious walk-in closet. White is clear and bold at the same time. It also give a good contrast to you clothes.

White also inspires cleanliness and offers light and bright atmosphere to your closet. It also makes a small closet feels bigger.  For bigger closet, you’ll also get the basic color for any of your favorite colors.

Walk in Closet with Accessories Display

source: semiwallpull.com

From a humble cabinet, then to a closet, and now you store your clothes, jackets, shoes, or other personal stuff in a stylish closet called walk-in closet. If you have ample reach-in closet, you even can turn it into a small walk-in closet.

If you lost in the jungle of walk-in closet designs now and want to get out with a simple but charming ideas, go outside. Mall or some boutique often offer you fantastic ideas for your walk-in closet floor plan.

Just see their room’s arrangement and their display. You also need to see the shelving, racks, and hanging rods. They’re also sources of your walk-in closet plan.

Luxury Walk In Closet with Shoe Rack

source: homesfeed.com

This classic contemporary walk-in closet offers you space and simple luxury. The space enable you to display your items in separate shelves, rod hangings, or drawers. This walk-in closet also has its own powder room.

The combination of cream-white-brown colors makes offers calm and meditative atmosphere. It also helps to make your collection stand out more and easily to see.

DIY Fabric Bins

If space limited but you want something chic to store your clothes and stuff, this walk-in closet idea offers what you need.  Instead of using pricey custom design walk-in closet, you can use open shelves with charming fabric covers like this example. This way you’ll have a cute walk-in closet in beautiful covers.

Share the Space

As the last of walk-in closet idea in this list, Don’t forget to put a mirror on your walk-in closet. With a mirror in the closet, you won’t have to go in-out of the closet just to fix a clothing. Put the mirror behind the closet door, on the cabinet door, or put a standalone mirror like this one.

Add a Chic Mirror

If you put a mirror in your closet, you don’t have to take your clothes out to examine your outfit. So you’re much more likely to put items back on the rack immediately after deciding they didn’t make the cut.

Add Great Storage Space

source: houzz.com by Croma Design Inc

A lot of us have lots of accessories, as well as a wardrobe of seasonal products that have to be kept a lot of the year. Having dedicated storage space for all garments and also accessories makes it less complicated as well as less difficult to find the things when you need them. Adding a lot of drawers to your closet design is the very best means to maintain products organized and also dust-free.

The best organizational strategy including shelving, hanging space, drawers and also closets keeps a closet looking neat and minimalist.

When Thinking About Walk In Closet Ideas, Picking a Style is Secret

source: freshome.com

Review walk in closet ideas as well as pick a design for your closet. Contemporary designing is the best for a clean, uncluttered space to show your clothes perfectly. Have a precise style in mind to maintain a walk in closet looking cohesive and also stay with it!

As soon as you get the bones of your walk in closet in order, take ideas and also include some choices from our 9 essential walk in closet ideas:

The Color White of Closet

source: freshome.com

Nothing else shade in the palette creates a better background in your walk in closet for your clothing to beam. White is high-contrast, bright in exactly what is generally a dark space as well as always looks crisp and new.

Walk in A Dressing Island

source: freshome.com

If you have the high-end of area, a clothing item is the perfect spot to drop all your things until you utilize them once more. Islands come in a selection of shapes and sizes. Make sure to choose one with a lot of storage space cabinets and also racks to maximize storage space. Include trays or boxes to your island top to capture smaller sized products like jewelry, pocket change or secrets.

A Seating Location for Dressing

source: freshome.com

For your Walk in closet to be really useful and a space you intend to delight in, you’ll need seating. A footrest is the best solution. You could outline attire on the footrest, or remain on it to obtain your footwear on. For additional storage space, attempt a storage space footrest that opens.

Relying on your closet shape, round footrests work much better in huge open closets while slim benches work best in right, single-aisle closets.

Mirrors Closet Design

source: freshome.com

You could never ever have too many mirrors in your Walk in closet. If you are room and wall challenged, consider upgrading your closet doors to mirrored. The multi-function doors will keep items organized while mirroring light and also various other parts of your closet, making your dressing area really feel bigger.

Cool Lights in Walk in Closet Room

source: freshome.com

Establish the mood with illumination in a number of means including:

  • Developing a design or focal point
  • Adding mood lighting to the room
  • Improving space brightness, especially when home windows are not offered
  • Highlighting accessories
  • Functioning as job illumination when clothing or using makeup
  • Showcasing your beautiful closet display screens

Ever asked yourself the best ways to get the lightbox impact, like the shoe wall in the image listed below? Mount a flourescent light fixture on the wall and also add a white plexiglass support to the bookshelf or cupboard before the fixture. The plexiglass will certainly diffuse the flourescent light and also cause the lightbox glow you see.

Small Walk in Closet Designs

source: decorationlove.com

This first collection of closet layouts are perfect for one storage space wall. I would certainly maintain the back wall for a full length mirror. It additionally suggests that the whole length of the wall surface could be used without the obstacle of managing the corners as you might have seen in closet design mistakes.

The storage wall surfaces in this area are attracted as a hanging rod. Actually you’ll probably split up the room between full and half elevation dangling, racks as well as cabinets. More concerning this in ways to design a closet (coming quickly) and stroll closet measurements.

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